Greetings, my name is Molly!

Born and raised in Ireland, I’ve been around for 20 years, and this is a piece of my story.

I got to PTG, which is another kind of a high school,  in July 2016.

Initially I was supposed to stay there for 2 weeks, as a volunteer for a Hot-Air Balloon Competition – yes! a Hot air balloon competition you ask?

Jumping into the unknown, fell in love with the people and the atmosphere &  got to know a different side of me I did not know existed. Taking a leap of courage, I stayed with my little suitcase and paused my old life at home…

I began to work in the kitchen everyday and used my passion to share with the people.

I’m trying to go with the flow of life and enjoy and learn from every moment. I look at every person for who they are because we all have the nice sides and we all have the not so nice sides.

The road up until now has been bumpy and I hope it stays so, because from that I learn and get those precious “AHA!” moments.

I love what I have become and look forward to what I will become.

“Hvor du sætter din fod, drysser frø af de drømme du driver imod. Ved de veje du finder vil man snart plukke minder. Om du flyver omkring eller står og slår rod, bli ́r der spor af din fod”.

“Where you put your foot, sprinkle seeds of the dreams you drive against. On the roads you will find, you will soon pick memories. If you get lost or stumble, there will be traces of your foot.”


With Love and hugs, Molly Allie


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