We signed up for an international educational program in Denmark. The team of 2017.

DNS International Teacher Training College together with Mozambican One World University provides a 3-year training & (un)schooling in Pedagogy.

Its aim is to train progressive teachers who can respond to the challenges of our time across social divisions wherever is needed and adapt to the different historic-cultural and political-economic contexts, always looking for the student not just as a student but as a unique, autodidact and creative individual.

Through theoretical knowledge and a process of “Learning-by-doing and teaching” the program challenges, enriches and surprises us with moments like a 4 months bus trip through Europe, North Africa and Sahara Desert to Guiné-Bissau, a shared life and economy with your team, unique perspectives and the opportunity to pay the course by working in the school in a ‘Saving-Up’ period with accommodation, food, transportation related to the program and pocket money covered.

There are few people that live their life in its fullness and remember: think outside the box & do it, be creative, break free! An approximately now is much more worth than an exactly never! (portuguese saying)